Do you want to work at Nautic Rentals?

People for cleaning and preparing accommodations

What are we looking for and what can we offer?

Nautic Rentals is looking for people for its Marinapark Oude-Tonge location who can prepare the accommodations for guests in teams of two.

Two times a week, on Monday morning and Friday morning, possibly extending until the beginning of the afternoon, the accommodations are cleaned, the beds are removed, bed linen is replaced, checked and prepared for the guests.

The teams that provide this are an important, if not the most important link for Nautic Rentals in a hospitable reception. That is why we agree on a corresponding compensation for the efforts of the teams, in addition to an above-average salary (20 euros per hour during changeover moments based on a professional adult) and, after proven qualities, there are also bonuses and participation opportunities in the Nautic Rentals facility company.

Nautic Rentals is happy with every team member and respects everyone's agenda and private situation, the planning can be made well in advance. In addition to the changeover days on Monday and Friday, it is also possible to work extra on other days. On these days we regularly clean the accommodations that are not rented out, ideal for working some extra hours.

Are you interested?
At Nautic Rentals we do not attach much importance to someone's past. That is why we do not need to receive CVs. We prefer to look at what you can do, what you want, what you like and what you want to be able to do. Therefore, answer the questions below as honestly as possible. We will get back to you within one working week.

  • How do you rate your own cleaning qualities?
  • Would you still find it fun or useful to learn something?
  • What is your best and what is your worst quality?
  • What means of transport do you usually use?
  • Is there anything else we should definitely know from you?
  • What is your name, telephone number and place of residence?

We would like to receive responses at stating People for Marinapark Oude-Tonge.