You’ll know that Bruinisse, Bru, is the mussel village of Schouwen-Duiveland the moment you see the huge mussel statue (no fries, sorry) standing on the harbour and overlooking the fishing boats as they jostle at their moorings.

Nowadays, thanks to its position on the Grevelingenmeer lake, Bruinisse has become a popular holiday destination and is attracting increasing numbers of water sports afficionados. This is Europe’s largest freshwater lake (and a cruising area) and it has its own unique fauna and flora.
Do you want to do Bru? One annual highlight are the fish festivities: mussels galore for the eating, fishing boats aplenty for the excursions, and all tastes of music for the ears. Bru has many more events:

Other places of interest near Bruinisse are places such as Zierikzee, Middelburg and Veere. The closest is Zierikzee, Zierikzee is a real port city and has a rich history. There are more than five hundred monuments to admire in and around the city! In addition, Zierikzee has a beautiful harbor where you have a good view from a terrace, you can shop well in the local boutiques and you can enjoy a beautiful city walk.